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Swift Current 6

America's Fastest 6-Place Chairlift

Swift Current 6 chairs

Swift Current 6 is the most recent step in Big Sky Resort's transformational 2025 Vision

Replacing the Swift Current high-speed quad, this new state-of-the-art chairlift increases uphill capacity out of the Mountain Village base area by up to 50%. A gearless drive makes for whisper-quiet operations and significantly improves energy efficiency. On the hill, the new 90-degree unload will exit skiers toward the bowl on Jay Walk, creating a smoother skier flow. Equipped with Big Sky Blue weatherproof bubbles, ultrawide heated seats, and individual headrests and footrests, this highly anticipated upgrade offers unrivaled comfort and speed on the mountain.

Swift Current 6: The Story Swift Current 6: This new D-Line, six-person, high-speed chair with a signature Big Sky Blue Bubble and ultra-wide heated seats is the fastest six-person chairlift in North America. Swift Current 6 is the resort's next step in creating the most technologically-advanced lift network in North America, a key pillar of the Big Sky 2025 vision. Learn more about the 2025 vision by visiting www.bigsky2025.com
Swift Current 6

Fast Facts

  • Unrivaled speed: 1,200 feet per minute/6 meters per second
  • Up to 50% increase in uphill capacity, consistently transporting 3,000 skiers per hour
  • 24 conical towers
  • 126 chairs
  • Bike carriers for summer mountain biking access
  • Ergonomically-designed, ultrawide heated seats
  • Individual headrests and footrests
  • Weatherproof Big Sky Blue Bubble
  • Automatically unlocking safety bars
  • Adjustable loading carpet

Big Sky Resort Would Like To Thank

  • Jamie Kanzler and the entire Doppelmayr team
  • Chad Rocthacher and RMR Construction
  • Jackson Contractor Group
  • Outback Power Company
  • John Knapton, Charlie Hirst, and the entire summer Mountain Operations Construction crew
  • Eric Schwartz, Trey Theard, Laurel Blessley, Ben Vitali, Jay Matz, Max Stosich, and the Lift Maintenance team
  • Brian Hirsch, Reed Malmstrom and the Fleet Maintenance crew
  • Ross Smethurst, Bill Nicholson, Garrett Kelly, Mike Cycycota, and the Lift Operations team
  • Kyle Achenbach, Doug Shelley, and the Summer Slope crew
  • Ryan Ayres, Dave Benes, Nancy Sheil, and the Patrol team
  • Rex Houchens, Logan Matthiesen, Drew Manchester, and the IT team
  • Neil Johnson and the Mountain Services team

Swift Current Construction Timelapse